July 20, 2012 – Terrible tragedy in Colorado: news broadcasts reported that 12 people have died and 50 or more are wounded in a shooting at a movie theater outside of Denver.

According to Huffingtonpost.com and a few other news websites, it’s been announced that James Holmes was born Dec 13, 1987. His natal chart shows Sun in Sagittarius, conjoined Saturn and Uranus, opposing Chiron; Mars conjunction Pluto in Scorpio.

Both Mars and Pluto provoke extreme desire for change with an individual, sometimes they correspond to unexpressed or suppressed anger, explosions, guns, sharp objects, deep wounds and if used in a negative way, innocent people may get hurt. Mars is a rebel and a warrior, it symbolizes energy of life and creation but it can be very destructive too. Pluto is a planet of destruction, necessary death of old patterns so that new ones can emerge. People with strong Mars-Pluto signature don’t accept suffering they were exposed to through many of their past lifetimes. They are here to intervene and change the world. However, any planetary energy and any aspect can be used as constructive or harmful. It is important to make a decision every day about the ways we utilize our planets and our life: not everyone with Mars-Pluto conjunction will be violent towards others per se, some people will experience violence and anger in their lives, though. Some will be challenged in business or have issues within family, but there is always an open invitation as well as an opportunity to express this energy through creativity and constructive action.

Why now?

At this time, Mars in Libra is squaring Pluto in Capricorn, opposing Uranus in Aries.
In James Holmes’ astrological chart Neptune is at 7 Capricorn touched by the current T-square. Anger, anger and lots of it… Neptune, planet of movie theatres and glamour represents national and world “fame” so to speak, in this case – through the prism of Pluto transit. Unfortunately, it resulted in mass shooting in Denver.

One example of a similar chart signature is Mahatma Gandhi who also had Mars-Pluto in his chart; Mars in Scorpio opposing Pluto in Taurus. He was a victim of violence, but before he died of a shotgun wound himself, he started a countrywide revolution which later resulted in war between India and Pakistan and many deaths as well.

The Virginia Tech shooter (2007) Seung-Hui Cho, born January 18, 1984 also had a Mars-Pluto conjunction in Scorpio (2-3 degrees). Pluto at 28 Sagittarius was transiting his natal Neptune at 29, same as it does in today’s transit chart for James Holmes.