Astrology for July 25-31
by Mira Cosic

Planet Earth is currently in the center of a big planetary T-square including Uranus in Aries, Mars in Libra and Pluto in Capricorn. This affects all of us, but if you personally have natal planets at the beginning of the cardinal signs or if you were born at the end of March, June, September or December, this is a time of change and time for taking positive action.

Last week, we had New Moon in Cancer that emphasized this energy. Some people used it in very creative and constructive ways, while others felt anger and irritation, antagonism and resentment. Unfortunate tragedy happened in Colorado, at the movie theatre where several people lost their lives and many others got injured. There were also other shooting incidents, earthquakes and similar traumatic events around the world.

If something similar is happening in your personal life, marriage, business or health, please note that this too shall pass and the best approach is to move with the energy: make good decisions and take steps towards your personal freedom and success.

This week is a lot more relaxed. Venus in Gemini as well as Jupiter are going to support conversations, communication, marketing efforts. Even though Mercury is retrograde until August 8th and some steps have to be taken twice, this time is perfect for revisions and upgrades. Schedule a maintenance, watch your computer and protect yourself from viruses.

Use positive vibration from Venus and send messages filled with love, understanding and compassion. Venus in Gemini knows how to support logic and logical thinking, it appears to be more cerebral than sensual at the moment. If you are looking for love, you may find it online, on the Internet, at a library or a bookstore or perhaps a sudden text message with a couple of red hearts will surprise you this weekend.

Take it easy and enjoy this week!