Every year, the end of October marks the beginning of a time period when nature starts its usual preparation for deep fall and winter months. Trees and grass are not so vivid green anymore. It looks like everything gets painted with special paint of fall, the variety of hundreds of beautiful shades of yellow, orange, light and dark brown and deep reds. This time of year is ruled by Scorpio, the zodiac sign of emotional intensity, personal shadows, death and rebirth. It is not a coincidence that Halloween and The Day of the Dead fall on the last day of October and the first day of November. This week is also significant because of an important date in the Islamic Lunar calendar: the holiday called Eid Al-Adha is celebrated as a Feast of Sacrifice, to honor the willingness of Abraham to sacrifice his own son Ishmael as an act of obedience to God, before God intervened to provide him with a sheep to sacrifice instead.

This is a natural time of year when we are inclined to think about endings and about our own death, life and the core reasons for our existence on this planet. The Sun has already entered the sign of Scorpio and this means that babies born during this time will be mysterious, intelligent, emotionally complicated. Their date of birth is recognized in astrology by their Sun position in Scorpio. Mercury is currently travelling through this sign is well. The way we all communicate and the way we exchange information are also going to be painted in way intense emotions and unfulfilled desires. Let’s not forget that Mercury will go retrograde on the Election Day. Vote early!

But that is not all. Every nine or 18 years karmic nodes known as the Head of the Dragon and the Tail of the Dragon (or Rahu and Ketu) are also passing through Scorpio and Taurus. This reminds us that we are in the cycle of life and death, productivity, building and destruction. There is a big importance focused on energy distribution, economy and resources.

But wait. That is not all. After 28 years, Saturn, the planet of karma and responsibilities, life lessons, difficult tasks and challenges returned to Scorpio again. Saturn – Kronos is also the Lord of time. We might feel that the time has come to take the next step. Do it. We might decide that after a long struggle, this is the time to ask for other people’s support and help. Scorpion influence manifests also through merging resources and achievements with others. After Libra’s flirtatious desire to socialize and find the right partner or partners, Scorpio goes deeper by making relationships meaningful and by merging bodies and souls as well as their bank accounts. During this time, you should look into your investments and reassess where exactly your monies go, what are the expenditures and which resources you can really count on for the future months and years ahead. Does your math work? Do the numbers add up in your budget?

Saturn will force us to pay some debts, to reinvent the ways we earn money and to carefully re-examine the ways we pay other people. This planet will stay in Scorpio for about three years, quite enough time to work on our financials, pensions, 401 K’s, and possibly transfer investments into more fruitful and serious stocks. It is going to be tough but what we know for sure is that at the end of this period we are going to be wiser and more realistic. We will know exactly who our allies are and which relationships are truly genuine. Let’s turn around and look backwards. What happened a year ago or two years ago during October and November months and a especially what happened 14 or 28 years ago when it comes to financials, personal values and support? If you skipped important steps than, there is a bigger chance that your lesson will return. We are all going to learn how to be more humble, more generous and also smart considering the way we share our personal time and energy. We are going to think about death and dying and those who passed. Remember the life that you are carrying inside yourself is a gift given to you by your numerous ancestors who invested themselves into you so that you can give life and support to others. When we leave this plane and all of our money and possessions, when our naked soul departs beyond the veil, all that we will carry with us will be the fact that we belong to humankind and that we were able to give, share and feel the joy of Life and the joy of Love.


Sign by sign

Aries is going to have an activity filled eighth house, you may need to pay attention to your finances, investments and your credit score. You will be able to get a loan and make very powerful personal connections. Taurus is focused on your partner and partnerships in general and the way you deal with other people. Be generous with your time. Gemini is going through changes in their work arena. There are many people were willing to help you with a few big tasks. Cancer is taking responsibilities for your children. If it’s not a good time for you to think about having a child or dealing with your home children, there might be some similar responsibilities that they will involve youngsters. Leo is focused on their own space. Is my house big enough? Can I make some arrangements? Move furniture or purchase new items that will make you feel better about yourself. Venus is still going through Virgo and in this sign will be blessed with fine romantic moments and surrounding beauty. Libra will also focus on their finances. It might be a good time to keep your special love relationship a secret. Happy birthday Scorpio! You will have a beautiful week and then an interesting month ahead. Get ready and think big, the sky’s the limit. Sagittarius is still very optimistic about some future plans especially if they consider partnerships; personal or in business. You will have a very good career week. Capricorn is testing his friendships at the moment. Even though there are many people who were willing to assist you, you will also realize that some longtime friends are not with you anymore. Aquarius will lead a busy life this week. You will get some new responsibilities and money will be great. Take the challenge! Pisces – always rely on that higher power! Your belief system has never disappointed you and you are certain that when you put your intention onto something, God will follow. If you think about travel, this is a good time to plan ahead and to buy the airline ticket.