Astrology for Oct 31-Nov 6

by Mira Cosic

After an extremely dramatic Full Moon in earthy Taurus that shook the whole planet this week, our Mother Nature is recovering. The sense of normalcy is coming back and we have no other choice but to continue. For many Americans, life is very different since the past few days. Like we wrote about these events last week, Taurus and Scorpio rule money, possessions and things that we sometimes can identify with: from our bank accounts to our homes, cars and everything else we own. The astrological sign of Taurus represents life and it rules nature and earth, but also volcanoes and earthquakes, money exchange and businesses while Scorpio reminds us of our mortality, our shadows and our personal power, powerlessness and vulnerability.

This potent Full Moon pulled a strong influence on us humans and our planet in general, but it also called us to give birth to something bigger and better within our soul. Who are we, really? Are we able to acknowledge the divine spirit and overcome our inner demons? Life is not a flat ride without any turmoil or challenges. It’s sometimes like a labyrinth – we are here to find our path to light. But how would we recognize Light without knowing Darkness? How do we learn to receive Love without unselfishly giving it away first?

This week, we’ll be able to recognize and enjoy Venus in Libra filled with love and beauty. It’s a good time for air signs (Gemini, Libra and Aquarius) to experience attraction, joy and romance. Mars is still energizing Sagittarius and Jupiter is in the opposing sign of Gemini, so we can see a lot of action and some important steps taken by these people. Gemini and Sagittarius both rule travel, as well as Mercury that is getting ready to station, stop and go backwards in retrograde motion. Backup your computer data, double check traffic reports in the morning and verify that your airline schedule has not changed. While Moon in Gemini, Cancer and Leo this week is inviting you to focus on your immediate surroundings, personal issues, family and kids, lady Venus is sending her generous blessings towards all of us in love.

 Sign by sign Aries and Libra are going to be in love with capital “L” and willing to share this weekend with someone special. Don’t skip desserts! Taurus and Scorpio are a little tired from the hectic start of the week. You are very busy now. Take vitamins and gather more energy! Gemini and Aquarius both think about love. A very special person is on your mind and communication is the key: send them a witty message. Leo is ready to focus on communication or travel as well but some things at home have to be addressed first. Cancer is exploring new friendships and Capricorn will too, while the second one experiences a need to share business ideas with his friends. Virgo is very much in peace and he or she can share it and teach others. There is a chunk of money coming your way too! Pisces will invest money into something beautiful: be creative, we know you will. Sagittarius is going to act quickly and grab attention this Thursday and Friday.

Happy Halloween!

I wish you a successful and prosperous week!



Mira Cosic has been practicing astrology since 1987. Originally from Bosnia, where she gave talks and hosted her astrological radio shows for several years including years of war when Sarajevo was under siege, Mira was on the forefront of opening the newly free Bosnia to new age ideas. Mira currently owns an e-magazine and provides video podcasts on astrology and spirituality at and