Astrology Transits

by Mira Cosic

This week is filled with a lot of change. The energy is shifting and we can all confirm that after intense times with Saturn entering Scorpio, Full Moon in Taurus and then planet Mercury changing direction and going retrograde on November 6, there is a sense that we stepped into a brand new space. Mercury rules trades and contracts, our thinking processes and communication bridges between our brain neurons as well as communication between people. At times when it goes retrograde or rather, “backwards” we usually experience this trickster in his small but sometimes annoying mind games. Technical devices and computers stopped working for no reason or break down. Is your Internet connection OK? Do you have power? Where is that important document  you need?

The reason why this happens is because Mother Nature has an explicit desire to teach us how to be more patient, more honest and straightforward. These challenges are sort of an exercise for the brain: think, think, think! You can expect to see the need for adjustment this week so be patient. Mercury retrograde happens approximately three times a year and it’s nothing new or extreme but again, it can be very annoying when you were ready to confirm something, to make a purchase, sign a contract or to simply send an email that you can’t do it because you will face blockages. It is not recommended to buy a new phone, any technical device including laptop computers, MP3 players etc. If you write articles for living, save your data and your computer work more often. If you are looking for an important meeting, make sure that you have at least two or three ways to communicate and read on in advance. This process of going backwards, meeting people from the past and solving old problems will last until November 26.

What is going on in the area of love? Planet Venus is still traveling through Libra and she’s going to stay there for awhile. This is a beautiful position for love, affection, hugs and kisses. Lady Venus is gentle, usually in a very good mood and ready to share beautiful moments between loving couples on this planet. However she was going through a transformation in the past couple of weeks as well. We’ve been through her intense relationship with Mars than Uranus and Pluto. Some love relationships fell apart during this period because there was no solid ground that they could rely on. As Venus is moving forward, we are all going to be more relaxed and agreeable. You should use great opportunity to enjoy its marvelous connection between lovely Venus in Libra shining together with Jupiter/Zeus in Gemini. Think big!


Sign by Sign:

Gemini, Libra and Aquarius are the luckiest once this week. Even though we have Mercury retrograde and some things can be delayed, beautiful Venus and Jupiter will bring great opportunities to all three air signs as well as people born with planets positioned in these signs. It is about a big celebration and even bigger plans for the future. Scorpio does not have a lot of energy right now, watch your immunity system. Taurus seems to be a little tired as well, you can’t rely on your partner right now and you know that. The race is going to have a beautiful week again fulfilled with love and attraction. Cancer and Capricorn will focus on two areas: children and friends. Maybe your friends’ kids will need attention or it’s gonna be someone younger than you who will need your help. Leo should not make any extreme purchases when it comes to home. Be wise and patient now when you have so much on your plate. Planet Mercury is a ruling planet of Virgos as well as Gemini so there is a small warning for you to practice patience this week. You can achieve a lot more when you let go of the initial control. Let it be. Pisces will be under the impression that a lot of support is coming from people they don’t even expect to be there. Maybe you’re looking for financial help or some other sort of support. You will make it. Sagittarius will have a beautiful week. Enjoy partnerships and a few truly genuine friendly connections.

I wish you a successful and prosperous week!



Mira Cosic has been practicing astrology since 1987. Originally from Bosnia, where she gave talks and hosted her astrological radio shows for several years including years of war when Sarajevo was under siege, Mira was on the forefront of opening the newly free Bosnia to new age ideas. Mira currently owns an e-magazine and provides video podcasts on astrology and spirituality on her two websites: and