Astrology Feb 6, 2013

by Mira Cosic


It is not going to be easy to have all arrangements in order this week, and maybe that’s a good thing. We the people – we often have tendencies to try to control everything and everyone around us: we carefully make plans, we draw interesting charts and we set up calendar appointments that nicely remind us by ringing our colorful and smart phones that we have to go somewhere, meet someone or do something “extremely important” at all times. We are the ones who are guilty, adding frustrations and expectations to our own already rising stress levels. We use astrology, tarot and divination to see further and we ask Delphi to predict our future instead of claiming our own responsibility, accepting the unknown, and instead of being taken by any unpredictable wave of destiny. Fair enough!

Fish in a pond... Swimming in all unpredictable directions

Fish in a pond… Swimming in all unpredictable directions


Usually it’s then when the unexpected happens. We are able to take advantage and use our knowledge in math, physics, astrology and astronomy as well as human sciences in order to get an idea about those days ahead of us. Yes, some of us have that ‘special sense’ too. The skies sometimes suggest what kind of “energy flow” we can expect, but there is also always that element of unknown.

The role of Neptune and sign of Pisces in astrology is to bring the aspect of surprise as a reminder that we are not gods, that there is something more powerful beyond all known existence, something or someone that we can have faith in and by “letting go and letting god” we learn how to align ourselves with the intention of the universe.

By the word “god”, we here imply the universe, the life source and all existing love in cosmos…

Even though we are in the month of Aquarius (air, wind, storm, lightening) and we’ll witness New Moon in this sign on the 10th, several planets already moved into Pisces, the energy is shifting again. We will have to discover fine balance between desires to control the world through technology, often building and feeding our own unawareness and arrogance which is the shadow side of Aquarius, thinking we are the kings and geniuses of this world and accommodating and accepting the laws of Nature symbolized in Pisces; unspoken and invisible laws of karma and other spiritual rules.

What exactly does this mean? The New Moon in Aquarius (February 10th, 7:21 AM GMT, 1:21 AM, after midnight US Central time – at 21 degrees Aquarius) is certainly positive, a good sign that will support anyone who wants to start new projects in the areas of humanistic science, education, thinking and intellect, new sources of energy, tech  gadgets and Internet business. This is a good beginning, fresh starting point, a good week to plan smart new projects linked to superior skills you might have, to science, knowledge, new age, divination. Aquarius is here to spread the knowledge! On the other hand, some things or people will reveal themselves through more subtle ways of communication, through dreams or telepathy. Pay attention to your dreams this week, write down everything that comes to your mind especially when your eyes are closed and you are in between the two worlds: right before falling asleep at night. Many of us will be able to channel these energies directly. Of course it sounds a bit unusual and crazy but if it happens to you don’t be surprised and definitely protect yourselves. It appears that a passageway filled with invisible, delicate but very important messages is going to open, there will be a flow of celestial energy that brings some significant “memo” from the outer worlds and this “memo” is going to find its way and come to us from the deepest oceans of the cosmic space. When those messages get here, if they come from positive source they’re not going to be about our own individual greatness or exclusivity but they might come through as a suggestion to humans on how to live a healthier and happier life, filled with love instead of hate or fear.



Sign by sign:


Pisces, Cancer and Scorpio: water signs and dreamers should get enough sleep. Dream big, dream often, write it down! It is possible that you are going to sense energies and spirits around you. Aquarius, Gemini and Libra: use your intellectual potential to the fullest, start something new, refresh and rejuvenate. This is your time: you are the winners! You won’t be able to sleep much; your neocortex is highly active now. Capricorn and Aries will be very busy finishing projects and fighting deadlines. Aries is about to meet new friends. Taurus is going to be challenged and forced to balance work and relationships issues. Look ahead and start a new venture. Virgo will be under stress, which is not unusual: learn to let go and believe that everything will fall into place pretty soon. Leo has a big chance to shine in the area of love, relationships and other people. Meet new clients. Go out and network, get noticed. Sagittarius is blessed with great energy and stability these days. Enjoy reading, writing and learning new things and travel if you can.


I wish you a successful and prosperous week.



Mira Cosic has been practicing astrology since 1987. Originally from Bosnia, where she gave talks and hosted her astrological radio shows for several years including years of war when Sarajevo was under siege, Mira was on the forefront of opening the newly free Bosnia to new age ideas. Mira currently owns an e-magazine and provides video podcasts on astrology and spirituality for her web sites and