It seems like our whole planet is on crossroads. Sun in Libra, Pluto in Capricorn and Uranus in Aries are forming a cross in the skies with the Earth in the middle. Imagine you are constantly shocked by powerful electric waves from two different sides of the world, at the same time. You might notice that the weather is changing too, as we entered a new season. But besides that natural flow of change, there’s a lot of pressure that we have to handle. This is true on a personal level as well as globally. What you can do now to take the best out of this period is to try to focus on your creative action. The keywords are: act, do, accomplish! Look into the areas of life that might require change and revisions. What makes you unhappy?

There might be a lot of accumulated energy around you. This energy is going to need an outlet to discharge and release itself. If you don’t let it out, you might feel ill. For people who are stubborn and those who are trying to keep status quo holding onto some old ways of doing things, this might be a challenging week. Everything around us is moving towards growth. The sooner you accept that, the sooner you are going to resolve your inner and outer conflicts. If you try to push too hard, you might damage the process, so it is very important to be gentle both in communication with other human beings and with yourself. Take good care of yourself! Watch your health right now, many people are going to be vulnerable and susceptible to diseases.

The New Moon is approaching. This is good news: it brings a new opportunity to start fresh. Take good care of your relationships. Practice balance.

Sign by Sign:

Libra, Aries and Capricorn as well as Cancer are going to be greatly affected with current planetary positions. Relationships, jobs and personal life might be in focus. You belong to a group of so called cardinal signs that are currently pressured to make necessary changes in your lives. Try to examine and analyze relationships with other people in your life and how they affect you and your sense of self. Taurus might decide to build something new. There might be a new project that you will start. Gemini is going to have a lot of fun this week, especially the finances allow you to do so. You will find yourself a nice restaurant surrounded by cheerful and happy people. Leo, you need to say out loud what is on your mind. Write a note, send an e-mail and dedicate some time for handling important documents. Virgo and is going to be concerned about money. Find a quiet place and rethink your current situation. You might get some great new ideas. Scorpio is going to solve a mystery when it comes to business, jobs or some legal documentation. Sagittarius, you will have to find more time to dedicate to your friends and family. People around you need your help. Aquarius might travel again. Even though this trip might be related to your business, it will bring you a lot of joy. Don’t forget that you can also travel via Internet, meeting new people online. Pisces, this is a good week for you. You’re going to receive new offers, possibly new job opportunities. You going to have all necessary financial support.

Remember, these are only quick descriptions of your sun sign transits. Your personal chart might be a different story. Every person is unique and every astrological chart is calculated based on a precise time, date and place of birth.

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